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Aims & Objectives

Nafici Environmental Research are dedicated to providing solution – an independent or retrofitted unit – for

  • the Paper Industry to give them access to a cheaper and more sustainable source of fibre
  • farmers with the means to use nature in the most environmentally friendly way and creating added income to boost their business.

sepOur current objectives involve developing EcoPulping Mills giving these distinct advantages.

A more sustainable and cheaper source of fibre to produce paper products

A new business opportunity creating an additional profit centre

Employment opportunities on the farms

Creating a high added value from their waste wheat straw or other agri-residues

A process where no specialist skills are required


Our broad aim is to support agriculture through researching and developing ways to harness nature. We do this by:

Using agricultural waste to produce paper pulp and fertilisers

Producing desalinated water using a biological process

Creating environmentally friendly processes and products