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EcoPulping has versatile and adaptable applications.  As a virgin pulp (i.e., pulp coming from virgin raw material), EcoPulp is ideal for food-grade packaging like fruit or vegetable punnets, food trays or takeaway carriers.  Non virgin pulps (coming from wastepaper) cannot be used to store most foods.

To tailor the need of each end use application, our EcoPulp can be produced for different grades to meet for example a food or non-food use, different types of packaging use, dry or wet application, good printability and many more end uses.

Unbleached EcoPulps are successful in the following applications:

  • Moulded fibre packaging (MFP)
  • Corrugated board
  • Solid unbleached board (SUB)
  • Unbleached paper

Taken from 'Packaging Experts' as mentioned in 'Mindtree – Under the Skin of the Package'


Moulded Fibre Packaging (MFP) – for food or industrial applications


Corrugated Board - for food or other types of end-use


Solid Unbleached Board (SUB) – for food or other types of end-use


Unbleached Paper