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shahriarShahriar Nafici – the man behind NER Ltd

Born in 1951, industrial designer graduated from Tehran University, I have studied biotechnology in Cranfield University UK. I have established two research companies in Iran and UK both in the field of agricultural waste and water. I worked in this field for about 25 years, which shows my passion for this job.

I am born in a dry land, and in special times.  I spent my youth in the politicization from oil, and oil war. I was looking for a solution to help my country and the people for a better life without oil.




florenceFlorence Miremadi-Nafici

Born in 1970 in France, graduated from Orsay University and EPF Ecole d’Ingénieures (former Ecole Polytechnique Feminine), France, I have worked for 10 years on electrical projects, 4 of which was spent developing International High Voltage Substation projects in Africa.

My passions – after being a mum and caring for my family – are the people and the environment. I always wanted to dedicate the hours I am working during the day to something positive for our planet and live a life closer to nature.

That’s what I have been doing now for many years with my husband Shahriar.

My hobbies: gardening, walking, yoga and increasing my knowledge about the philosophy of life.