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shahriarShahriar Nafici – the man behind Ecopulping

Industrial designer and biotechnologist from Cranfield University UK, I have 30 years of experience in the field of agricultural wastes and water desalination. My passion is to find to research and develop solutions to help the environment. The problem of surplus of agricultural residues exists in many countries around the world, and at the same time the paper and packaging industry and many other industries need new sources of fibres.

I have developed more than 40 small scale plants producing  paper pulp from wheat straw in the past. ECOPULPING is our latest Innovative process that transforms agricultural residues into paper pulp in a very environmentally-friendly and economical way.

My vision is to develop this patented process in the UK and globally to use the surplus of agricultural residues to produce paper pulp and valuable by-products (fertiliser) at small or large scale capacities.




florenceFlorence Miremadi-Nafici

Engineering Graduate of French Engineering school (EPF Ecole d’Ingénieurs – former Ecole Polytechnique Feminine, Paris), I began my career in the power transmission industry.  With a desire to pursue environmentally-conscious projects, in 2009, I joined Shahriar Nafici, to take forward his latest innovative process to transform agricultural residues into paper pulp in an environmentally friendly and economical way.  Shahriar already had over 18 years’ experience of successfully developing different straw-to-pulp processes, and together, we developed the EcoPulping business in West Sussex, UK, now called NAFICI Environmental Research.

With private and governmental funding from the EU, UK and China, we unveiled a pilot plant and filed a patent in 2014 and have since developed a larger, semi-commercial plant in China, producing pulp onsite for a paper mill.  The first fully scaled up industrial plant is now being built in China and more are planned for construction in 2019/20, in the UK and Egypt.

My passion is to help the environment and people by developing useful eco-projects. I always wanted to dedicate the hours I am working during the day to something positive for our planet and live a life closer to nature.