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The Team

Shahriar Nafici – the man behind EcoPulping

Industrial designer and biotechnologist from Cranfield University UK, Shahriar has 30 years of experience in the field of agricultural wastes and water desalination. His passion is to research and develop solutions to help the environment. The problem of surplus of agricultural residues exists in many countries around the world, and at the same time the paper and packaging industry and many other industries need new sources of fibres.

He has developed more than 40 small scale plants producing paper pulp from wheat straw and other agricultural residues in the past. EcoPulping is his latest Patented Innovative process that transforms agricultural residues into paper pulp in an environmentally-friendly and economical way. The first fully scaled up industrial plant is now being commissioned in China and more are planned for construction from 2023.

His vision is to develop this patented process in the UK and globally to use the surplus of agricultural residues to produce paper pulp and valuable by-products (fertiliser) at small or large scale capacities.

Florence Miremadi-Nafici – Co-founder & CEO

Florence has co-founded NAFICI Environmental Research in 2013.  She is an engineering Graduate of EPF Ecole d’Ingénieurs in Paris – former Ecole Polytechnique Féminine.  She began her career in international business development in the power transmission industry covering North, West and East Africa.  In 2009, Florence co-developed the EcoPulping business with Shahriar and with private and governmental funding from the EU, UK and China, she unveiled with Shahriar the first NAFICI pilot plant in 2013-2014 in West Sussex, UK.  The filed patent for NAFICI’s EcoPulping in 2014 for “A Method for Processing Straw” was granted in the UK in 2017, in the USA in 2019 and in Europe and Australia in 2020 with further EcoPulping applications made for Canada, China and India.  Florence has co-developed NAFICI’s first commercial scale EcoPulping plant in China which is currently being commissioned.

Other than running NAFICI’s day to day business in her role of CEO, her passion is to contribute to environmental protection by developing sustainable Green projects.

Stephen Gibbons – Sales and Marketing (Consultant – Part  time)

Steve has 25 years of experience in fibre packaging, customer management and business development project execution. His business supports businesses to bring innovative, environmental packaging projects to market.



Geoff Rampton – Financial Director

Finance Director (part time), Geoff joined NAFICI in 2016, initially as Non-Executive Director. A chartered accountant, he runs a commercial due diligence consultancy advising on lower mid market private equity deals, and is an investor in a number of PE backed businesses and collective alternative investment funds.

Kate Lowes – Project and supply chain Director

Kate has 40 years of experience defining, designing, architecting, managing, and building teams and highly scalable software and technology-based systems.

She has the proven ability to break large complex problems into concrete, actionable pieces for a team to implement, from algorithms to user interfaces. Kate has successfully guided more than 500 products from concept stage through commercial release, including early products.

Kate is experienced at Corporate Board level Executive through Marketing, Product Management, Product Architect, Business Development, Transformation and Outsource Consulting.

Tony Eley – Process Engineer

A Six Sigma Lean manufacturing and project management engineer, with significant 30+ years’ experience in Technical, Process, Supplier Quality and Management roles within the Pulp & Paper and FMCG industries.  With a proven track record of identifying and leading process and product improvement projects, Tony has created sustainable savings in a high value, manufacturing environments with highly demanding customers within rigid quality constraints


Marcia Goncalves – Admin & Programme Manager

Marcia joined Nafici Environmental Research in May 2022. Her role consists of assisting the management team in various duties, replying to contacts, and updating the database, organising and managing the general and daily office duties. Marcia manages the process of arranging samples to be sent to customers and the import of various products and items of equipment for our research and development facility. She is also involved in managing of the Health and Safety of the business.

Joseph Bryant – Process technician

Joseph joined Nafici Environmental Research in April 2022 after completing his BSc with First Class Honours in Mathematics at the University of Kent. He is responsible for supporting with the day to day running of the Pilot Plant, including pulp production and the general upkeep of the plant, optimising processes, and driving efficiency.


Alan Edmonds – Non-Executive Director

Alan (MBA DMM PgCE FInstLM) has extensive experience as a Senior Manager, Managing Director and Non-Executive Director for the engineering and manufacturing industries in the UK and abroad.  His specific experience has been in the automotive, beverage, building products and related sectors.  Alan currently utilises this experience in his role as Managing Director of a £5M t/o Design, Development and Manufacturing business which designs, develops and supplies innovative products and licensed technology to global customers.  He has provided NAFICI’s executive team with project support and advice since 2016.

Qinghua LIU – Director of NAFICI Group’s subsidiary in China

Qinghua (FCIPD, MBA, MSc) is co-founder and Director of  Shenzhen Nafici EcoCellulose Technology (NECT), NAFICI Group’s subsidiary in China. Qinghua LIU is Chartered Fellow CIPD, was CEO of a China listed company for 3 years and was HR Director of of a Fortune 500 company for more than 10 years. He funded the EcoPulping’s pilot scale in China in 2017 and has enabled fund to be secured for the first 50TPD commercial scale.