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Our Services

We provide a range of services to help our customers determine the pulping potential of their agri-wastes and to support them all the way to the point where our customers are ready to build their own EcoPulping plant.  We offer services from consultancy, to engineering design,  equipment procurement and installation to licensing.


R&D : Testing new raw materials, developing new products, optimising, developing new pulping technologies.

Preliminary / Pre-Feasibility Studies : To determine the technical pulp characteristics and its potential end-use by pulping it at our biomechanical pilot plants then testing it through screening and cleaning.

Feasibility Studies : This will assess the commercial feasibility of pulping the raw material by confirming the pulp grade & quality, screening and cleaning options, cooking and full process yield.  The study will consider the raw material for the intended input and output capacities and end use/s, will describe the EcoPulping process and will calculate the main process balances. Finally, the study will determine the required equipment and sizing for Ecopulping; it will estimate the CAPEX and OPEX of the project; and it will evaluate the land take of the plant.

Engineering & Procurement

Based on the feasibility study findings, the next step is a concept design for the EcoPulping facility for all engineering aspects (process, mechanical, electrical, civil) followed by detailed design, procurement of the process equipment, construction and installation.  We offer:

    • Overall Project Management
    • Concept Engineering Design
    • Procurement of EcoPulping Process Equipment
    • Detailed Process Design
    • Preparation of EPC Tender Packages
    • Overall Agent Role under EPC Contract


NER will transfer its know-how and  will license the EcoPulping process technology to our clients. We offer the technology to produce unbleached pulp which can be converted to paper, packaging or moulded products.