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Past Projects

In 1988, Shahriar established his first company for industrial research and had two main projects.

1 – Mini Mills

40 mini mills have been built using a chemi-mechanical process to produce cardboard from different types of agricultural wastes (wheat, barley, oat, rice straw, bagasse, date tree leaves).

The Mini Mills were however problematic:

 the price of raw material was increasing

 there was a high cost for delivery and fuel

 high energy was required for boiling and pressure

 the cost of recovery for black liquor

To keep the mini mills economical, we had added 50% of recycled paper.

This experience showed that the only solution was to create micro on mini mills on the farms, owned by the farmers and to find a process that uses less energy and resolves the problem of black liquor.

NER’s new process and concept resolves these problems.

  • the farmers are the producers and users of the straw – high added value
  • no or very low delivery cost (only pulp transported from the micro or mini mills to the central unit)
  • no boiling – low energy used
  • no black liquor

See Nafici EcoPulping page for more information.


2 –  Water Desalination

We have created a pilot scale for water desalination using a biological process.